I have just completed our first virtual workshop – Costume Design. This workshop has been a really interesting experience, as this is the first workshop I have advertised and hosted fully online.

To adapt my workshops, I had to think of the best way to change all of my creative activities to be doable online. During a face-to-face activity, the participants would design and create something to be able to take home and I wanted to create an experience similarly. I decided I would base my workshops off the resource packs I released in November, my first one being Costume design as it is easy to adapt online.

I printed off the resource packs and sent them directly to the participants homes. For the event, I created a presentation that I discussed that included the all of the context within The Lion King to help the participants create their own designs.

At the end of the presentation all of the participants created their own designs, and asked questions if needed whilst I was there. At the end of the workshop I left them to complete their designs, and have asked for the participants to return pictures of the completed designs so that I could put them into a video exhibition of all of the work created.

As the workshop was online, it expanded my audience internationally; I had interest from USA, Hungary, and even Australia.

Out of all of the 15 applicants who receive their resource packs, I split up the group into two: Under 18’s and Over 18’s. From these two groups, on the day I presented to 8 Under 18’s and 3 Over 18’s which included one from the USA.

If you would like to see my presentation, please download it here:

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