From Page to Stage Designers was set up after a workshop in October 2020, funded by Coventry City of Culture. Since this workshop, I have been working hard to keep these workshops going.

In December 2020, From Page to Stage Designers was awarded as a Community Interest Company. With the community at the heart, I aim to provide young people with equal access to these workshops, regardless of their financial position. From Page to Stage Designers run solely on public donations and grant funding.

Katie Ranson

I fell in love with production arts after attending a creative school in Birmingham, it gave me so much drive and focus that put me onto my path I’m on now. I was able to combine art forms and work in a team to develop my skills, which ignited a passion in me and built my emotional resilience within the work environment.

I want to give my helping hand to the next generation, to help them find their niche within production arts that fuels them into their future. The production industry seems very extroverted from the outside, but there is such a diverse range of roles within the industry, there is something for everyone. As well as the variety of roles, the industry promotes confidence and has a community spirit within the cohort of artists, performers and crew. I want to provide opportunities for young people to experience this industry, develop their skills and express their creativity in a safe environment.

I am proud to be creating these opportunities for young people to find their passion, through From Page to Stage Designers.

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