Thank you to everyone who attended today’s workshop.

Today we looked at what costume designers look into when designing a theatrical costume, and to put into practice the new learnt skills into the  character costume designs. Within the presentation we researched into the context of the production and used the images of different designs from previous and current productions to influence our own work along with explaining what we liked. After the presentation we bounced off each other for creative ideas and discussed what we wanted our designs to look like.

I try to make the workshops as interactive and informative as possible, as working within a real production isn’t one the participants would have experienced. Therefore, giving the information that is needed to complete their designs and pointing out what to look out for allows them to expand on those ideas and build their own.

I really enjoy working on these workshops and interacting with participants about their hobbies and interests. Each workshop I am astounded by the work that is produced by the participants, as each individual has an enthusiasm of creativity and pride in their work. Take a look at some of the student’s work that was created from this workshop:

If you would like to take a look at the presentation, please click here to download it:

Next month’s workshop will be the last workshop we will be working on this year due to me going into university to continue with my development. Next month we will be looking at Mask design using the production of Phantom of the Opera to inspire our work.

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