Today we have just hosted the From Page to Stage Designer’s Set Design workshop.

I originally have a theatre set background so I was especially excited for this workshop. I decided to focus on Hairspray the musical as inspiration for this workshop as it has a positive storyline and a fun and energetic theme.

Before the workshop, I sent through some digital Set Design resource packs (also found on the resources page). Throughout the presentation we went over the role of a Set Designer and how they work alongside the other creatives to ensure their designs match. We also looked into the summary of the musical and context of the era (1960’s). Due to the storyline of Hairspray, within designs you need to be sympathetic to the events of the era and bare in mind how this could affect the visuals of the production. 

After the presentation, we discussed some of the ideas for designs and bounced off each other about what we really liked. Then I gave time to develop ideas into designs whilst listening to the Hairspray soundtrack and revisiting slides that are being designed.

I really enjoyed researching this production, due to the progression of our society and how we have moved forward. Although the concept of segregation are completely wild to us, I believe that the themes within this production are still very relevant. It’s very important to educate taboo subjects such as equal rights and discrimination against communities, and this is why I believe theatre is such a valued industry. Today, Hairspray is still one of the most produced musicals.

If you would like to see my presentation, please download here:

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